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Developer Long Hat House first reached out to us about their upcoming game Dandara back in May of last year, and it looked absolutely fantastic in that initial trailer.

As with any MMO, there have been plenty of changes, both within the PC version of the game and also on their plans for mobile.

Initially it was stated that Albion Online would only be coming to tablets due to the way the smaller screens of i Phones impacted the UI.

Now it seems the beta is open to any i OS device with at least 2 GB of RAM, however it seems end-state plans are still unclear... This "holographic object," as it's been described, is a very cheap little device (just a bit over ) that allows players to merge the physical and the digital as well as interact with it in ways that make the gaming experience richer.

As we wrote a year ago, the game was Kickstarted with great success (made ten times the initial goal) and has been very well received on other platforms. Q4 of 2017 has, without a doubt, been absolutely absurd when it comes to high quality premium game ports on i OS.

However, just as we were thought we were finished with the App Store game release rush that has become tradition each holiday season, Aspyr comes out of left field with Sid Meier's Civilization VI [Free (HD)] for the i Pad.

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