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Pulse is being shot in Montreal during the month of June with a cast that also includes Craig Stickland, Calum Worthy, Melissa O’Neil and Alexandre Landry, with Meg De Angelis and Harley Morenstein guest starring. According to production notes, Pulse “follows a group of American expatriates living in Berlin who find themselves immersed in the city’s vibrant, kinetic dance scene.

The series tracks one year of the characters’ lives telling the story as a lush and provocative EDM musical.

I began to think of the record as a battery: one side has a positive charge and the other a negative charge but you need both for the thing to work as a whole.

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DS: The song is actually a fairly strong rebuke of a lot of things going on in pop culture but, yes, it's also a snake that bites it's own tail.Sheik, who won Tony Awards for the score and orchestrations of Spring Awakening, wrote and arranged the score for the digital series and each episode will feature an original song performed by the cast.“Pulse is a very special series that required just the right cast to bring it to life,” said Melissa Schneider, New Form Digital’s SVP Development and Production.“Katie is the perfect actor for the role of Cooper and she, along with the ensemble cast, will make Kyle and Duncan’s vision a reality.”The go90 ervice is a free, mobile-first, social entertainment platform.Composer Duncan Sheik, who saw his musicals Spring Awakening and American Psycho produced on Broadway this season, has plunged into another ambitious project, Pulse, a musical series created expressly for Verizon’s go90 free mobile app, presented in cooperation with Mashable.Pulse just announced that Katie Findlay (How to Get Away with Murder, The Killing) has been cast as Hannah Cooper, the main character in the series, which starts production this week. The musical has a script by Kyle Jarrow, the busy librettist for the forthcoming Sponge Bob Squarepants musical and songwriter for the band Sky-Pony (along with his wife, Tony nominee Lauren Worsham).

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