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They landed at Seriphus, where Perseus was raised by Dictys.

Perseus eventually fulfilled the prophecy by killing Acrisius years after—although accidentally.

Danaë's pose is consistent throughout the various versions.

She is naked or with a draped thigh, lying on a couch with her knees raised and her legs half-parted.

The Wellington Collection (London) version, now agreed to be the one sent to Philip II of Spain. Here, an aged maid has replaced Cupid, while the cloth covering Danaë's upper thigh is absent, leaving her naked.

Michelangelo praised Titian's use of colour in the Madrid painting, though later, in private, he was critical of Titian's draftsmanship.The left side of each canvas is an interior, although sometimes showing a distant landscape view.While the series freely describes desirable flesh in an overtly sexual manner, Titian transforms the motifs of courtesans and carnal desire into the more highbrow realm of classical myth.Danaë, aware of the consequences, allowed herself to be seduced and impregnated by Zeus, who broke through the defences by appearing in the form of a shower of gold, which in ancient times had already been envisaged as a shower of gold coins, and the myth taken as a metaphor for prostitution, although the parallels with conventional depictions of the Annunciation were also part of Renaissance awareness.When Acrisius learned of Danaë's son Perseus, he refused to believe Zeus's role, and cast mother and child adrift at sea in a chest.

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