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Money can be exchanged for meticais at banks and Bureau de Change branches.It is advisable to change your money before entering Mozambique.If you wish to extend your stay further, you must keep your temporary residence permit valid by applying for an extension at your nearest Home Affairs customer service centre in South Africa.You should do this well before your permit expires.Allow at least 7 days for this Visas can be arranged at the Kosi Bay border, if necessary.It is advisable to request a receipt , as a “visa” at the Kosi Bay border comes in the form of an entry stamp which is valid only for Ponta do Ouro and surrounds (not for travel further North). Visas are obtainable at Ressano Garcia Border Post as well as Kosi Bay Where to make further inquiries about visas?Read about health and inoculation requirements, malaria prevention. You need a passport valid for at least 6 months after you intend leaving Mozambique.Look at the distance guide and fuel tips when traveling in Mozambique. Visitors can be asked to provide proof of outgoing travel documents or sufficient funds to provide for their needs during their stay.

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It replaces your visa, and regulates the duration and purpose of your stay in South Africa. It is best to request the full duration of your intended visit when you first arrive, as extensions are subject to additional fees.Roman pottery can be found today on the shore, it makes a change from collecting sea shells!Salt was manufactured along much of the low lying coast of Lincolnshire in Roman times and evidence of their working sites and even artifacts bearing their fingerprints can still be found today.See the Department of Home Affairs’ immigration services page (gov.za) Check the list of South African offices abroad for information on where to apply in your own country.

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