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Once the manufacturer reset and the steps above are complete, all we need to do is run through the update one more time.You can find the steps for completing the update below:: Do the following to complete the firmware update: 1) Start the Firmware update again, following the steps on the screen until you see either "Select Accessory" or the app tells you Bluetooth connection was lost and the update failed.2) Exit the app and go back to the Bluetooth settings in your device's settings menu.The sensor will no longer be paired, but will still be in the list of Bluetooth devices.Once you see 2 LED lights blinking side by side *while you're still holding the button down* you can release the sensor button as the manufacture reset is then complete.Once you release the button, the LEDs should go back to scrolling across the sensor. If the LEDs do not resume scrolling, then the procedure was done incorrectly and you'll need to re-try it.

2) 4) Fully turn off mobile device, then turn it back on.

Once the sensor has been manufacturer reset, we can move onto our troubleshooting steps.: 1) Forget/Unpair the Zepp and all other devices in the Bluetooth list in your device's Bluetooth settings menu.

*This includes any and all devices that show up but are not currently connected.

Once completed, the sensor will be up-to-date and ready to start recording swings again.

If this process does not work, then it's likely that just a few additional steps are needed, as we can resolve firmware update issues in 99% of cases.

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