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Nearly 3,000 miles away in hot, dusty Southern Iraq, two of their own were in desperate trouble.Captured by insurgents, banged up in a cell and physically beaten, they were under threat of summary execution.More recently, in June 2003, six military policemen in the Basra region had been captured by militants and butchered.The failure to mount an operation in time to rescue them had shocked the ranks. The news of their colleagues’ capture raced round A Squadron, the main SAS force, at their base in Baghdad, a luxury villa that had once belonged to a sidekick of Saddam’s.Their usual jeans and combat overalls were replaced by spotless dress uniforms for a ceremony to consecrate a new resting place for the regiment’s fallen heroes.But then the quiet was shattered by dozens of mobile phones ringing.By contrast, the wheels of officialdom were grinding more slowly.

Except that no one, it appeared, would authorise such a mission.The main SAS presence, known as Task Force Black, was based in Baghdad, engaged alongside U. special forces in a full- on covert war against Al-Qaeda.To the SAS, Basra was a backwater, where its tiny force’s main job was protecting MI6 agents.For the Army there, however, the pressing issue was the loyalty of the local police they were trying to train.And whether they were, in fact, secretly in league with the increasingly unruly Shia militiamen, the so-called Mahdi Army.

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