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The population is composed of several ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups.Tanzania is a presidential constitutional republic, and since 1996, its official capital city has been Dodoma, where the president's office, the National Assembly, and some government ministries are located.Tanzania is mountainous and densely forested in the north-east, where Mount Kilimanjaro is located.Three of Africa's Great Lakes are partly within Tanzania.Through their projects, seminar discussions, and guided public health site visits, students will engage with the complex landscape of health and healing in Tanzania’s rural and urban environments while confronting the opportunities and challenges of conducting research in a low-income country.Students will embark on guided visits to sites in Arusha that illustrate the health challenges and accomplishments in the region.

All courses and grades appear on students' Northwestern transcript and are figured into their Northwestern GPA.Students applying to this program are eligible for IPD study abroad scholarships and may be eligible for external funding opportunities.Students participating in this program are subject to the Withdrawal and Refund Policies for Northwestern-Sponsored Programs.They subsequently migrated across the rest of Tanzania between 2,300 and 1,700 years ago.European colonialism began in mainland Tanzania during the late 19th century when Germany formed German East Africa, which gave way to British rule following World War I.

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