Updating keys

running kikkat 4.4.2 with the latest MIUI-KXDMIBE15.0 Add Thread If take look for your log: [000019C8]8e4bcaf6 0.05 Missmatching image and device i think - you have fake! If Yes, then go to "Menu developers" to include "location indicator" (13 switch from top).

One query processor problem I’ve been trying to research since some time ago is that of statistics on ascending keys.

i need to flash the rom to install those apps but i got an error on the "the specific file not found etc.

some update: had manually to flash a CWM recovery, to delete the partitions related to system/system1, re-create them, flash some old rom, flash the stock recovery, put the KK zip file on the storage and flash it from the stock recovery, TWICE. :\ and for another question: that xposed part, when it will be removed from the weeklies/daylies ?

The number of rows added might be too small to trigger a statistics update.

My testing shows that these new values fall outside the range of values of the existing statistics histogram.

This can lead to poorly performing plans as filters selecting recent data seem to exclude the entire relation when in fact a significant number of rows may be included.

Choose the ROM pack you want to flash, and select Update now.

Decompile and install the ROM flashing tools after downloading is completed (if there’s a security prompt, please select Allow).

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