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Relentless in the ideology of Josip Tito’s Communists was the pursuit of independence.Through periods of foreign dependence it would become more muted, but remained the driving force of their actions – even to the exclusion of more dominant, threatening powers.A controversial figure during her life and after her death, Teresa was admired by many for her charitable work.She was praised and criticised for her opposition to abortion, and criticised for poor conditions in her houses for the dying.As Yugoslovia was on the Julian calendar, the question remains of whether the date is OS or NS.Mother Teresa's date of birth is disputed: "So unconcerned was she about accuracy in relation to the chronicling of her own life, and so disinclined actually to read anything written about her, that for many years and in a succession of books her birth date was erroneously recorded as 27 August 1910.She was canonized by Pope Francis on 4 September 2016.

The turn to ‘neutralism’ Throughout the Second World War, Yugoslavia underwent an unequivocal strategic rebalance, predicated by the ideology of its conquerors.

Mother Teresa died on 5 September 1997 at PM in Kolkata (Calcutta).

Upon her death many of her followers wanted her to be beatified and canonized before the required waiting period.

She decided to be a nun on 25 September 1928 and took the name of Teresa on .

(She said her divine call to work among the poor had come in 1946 and she opened her first Calcutta slum school in 1949.) Petite and of short body structure, she was plagued with heart problems and received a pacemaker 1 December 1989.

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